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Define Your Life!

I’m a Professional Life Coach who can help you discover your life's definition. What is important to you? Relationships, career, fulfillment?  Let's work together to develop new habits and skills and effectively deal with the challenges and and opportunities that you encounter.

CM, wife, mother, entrepreneur

What a thoughtful, helpful, intuitive, action-oriented, and holistic summary. Boy, do I ever feel heard and seen!"

RB, Implementation Manager

"Dawn helped me shift my limiting belief to an empowering belief. I trust myself to do the right thing at the right time and for the right reason."

SC, Life Coach

"Dawn brings her full attention to each coaching session and offered me questions that opened up my curiosity. Our time together was fun and thoughtful and informative."


Professional Personal Growth Coach

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, auntie, friend, and colleague.

I am at my best when I am physically active in the outdoors and when I am learning. I eagerly explore opportunities for growth.

I'm a professional life coach and I am here to help you define your life. Let's do it!



Leading and guiding with compassion, reliability, and a clear focus on client results


Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Undervalued? Exhausted? Let's define your life in YOUR terms. 


Show up with courage and commitment and I'll help with prioritizing your time, aligning with your values and finding ways to recharge.


THEN, take charge of your relationships so they fulfill you, nourish you, and bring you joy.

OR, maybe you have a decision to make, an issue to resolve.  Something quick - identify the issue, find solutions, decide on next steps. Whatever your goals are, I can help you. In one session or multiple sessions - your choice!


Email now to schedule a complimentary session. Let's do it!


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Are you approaching or have entered retirement and are wondering what lies ahead?  Wonder with me and reflect on this next part of your journey. What are your hopes and dreams? What will give you purpose and provide relevance?  Are you financially secure?  What is your wellness and self-care looking like?


Show up with courage and commitment and I will help you define your unique retirement, explore your aspirations, identify your purpose, consider your financial needs, and develop self-care strategies to nourish you..


Email now to schedule a complimentary session. Let's do it!


(photo credit: Amy Steen)


How do you define your life and career? Are you stuck?  Are you considering a change? 


Let's consider your current context and your aspirations and create an action plan to make the career changes that are important to you.


I'll share with you tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


Email now to schedule a complimentary session. Let's do it!


(photo credit: Amy Steen)

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Do the best you can until you know better.

Then, when you know better,

Do better.

Maya Angelou, poet


Kaslo, BC, Canada


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